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Cameron diaz tom cruise dating

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"I want them to produce in life and help society." In Knight and Day, Tom plays a fugitive superspy.His co-star, Cameron Diaz, plays a lonely women whose random meeting with Tom's character turns her life upside down.He's been stealing America's heart onscreen since the early 1980s, and he's ready to do it again this summer with his action-comedy Knight and Day. "She's a good girl, so whoever she likes, it's cool." As for Connor's dating life, Tom says he doesn't have too much input. "And I also tell him, you know, he's got plenty of time for that." Connor is following his father's footsteps and going into acting, first playing the young Will Smith in Seven Pounds and, more recently, starring in a remake of Red Dawn. "He's very charismatic." Raising children in the spotlight can be tough, but Tom says he tries to keep them grounded.After more than 20 years of making movies, Tom says he still loves meeting his fans. They just want to say hello, and I enjoy that," he says. Suri gets almost as much press coverage as Tom does and has become known for her fabulous 4-year-old fashion. "Before we go places, I set up studies for them so they can study the culture of the people and the geography, so they actually have a broader perspective," he says.

Their baby would be gorgeous AND tall and don’t tell me Tom doesn’t think about those things. After colliding with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) twice in the airport departure terminal on the way home from Wichita to pick up car parts, June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is told she has been bumped to a later flight. Meanwhile, Miller fights and kills everyone else on the plane, even the pilots, who were all agents sent by Fitzgerald. Completely taken with Miller, Havens goes to the restroom to prep herself up. Tom has said he wants someone with Nicole Kidman-type power. Tom would have to get new lifts for his sneakers but he’s all about committing to his relationships. Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez did my girl wrong! Now would Tommy probably try to indoctrinate her to Scientology? Would he have her spied on and probably followed by his minions? But he’d also treat her like gold and probably be entertaining as hell! This is the first time in a long time (maybe ever) they’ve been single at the same time. Tom could use Cameron (in the nicest way possible) like he did Penelope.Cameron has talked recently of wanting a baby sooner or later. Do you think Cameron would agree to be Tom’s girlfriend to revamp his image? Right now he needs as many supportive, reliable pals as he can get.