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According to the pictures, it looks like the Galaxy S5 Mini sports exactly the same design as the Galaxy S5, with the same rounded corners and perforated pattern on the back panel.

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Or the culinary gold mine found in half rotten bananas.Money can buy single estate chocolate, high end spices and vanilla beans, but the deliciousness born of thrift is not to be trifled with. I have a special place in my heart for the kitchen scraps people often think of as trash: egg whites and brownie crumbles, bits of biscuit dough, broken macarons, corn cobs and peach pits.Since I couldn’t explain the situation in 140 characters, I promised to blog about it and here I go.Peach, apricot, cherry and plum pits all contain a delicious little almond-flavored kernel inside their hard shells.

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Steeping overnight makes the liquid exponentially more flavorful, which isn’t to say the shorter steep is in any way inferior.Whack ‘em up with a hammer or break out your fancy nutcracker, open up the shells and pick out the kernels. · prpltrmpt · Aug 15, 2012 · AM As one of the cyanide alarmists, I’m delighted by this post.Roast the kernels/noyaux another 15 minutes to make sure you’ve destroyed the amygdalin, then use the noyaux as you would any roasted nut. Magical recipes, thrifty baking and no reason to accuse Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the peach pits… I need more pits than I have peaches right now to do all of the experiments I’d like to try. I’ve been fed raw kernels from apricots before, and I am not dead.Toss some in a bottle of your favorite liquor to spruce up your summer cocktails.Once you start thinking of ways to use the pits, all of your favorite recipes seem like prime candidates for pit-ification.For custard recipes, simply proceed with the recipe as normal.