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Even if you opt not to use the whole package, you can examine the source code and see about implementing your own version of it (I did something similar for a past project).Once you have a workflow action for setting an item's permission level, simply add a step to your existing workflow to set Thanks!There is also a convenient package of custom activities provided in an open-source product called SPDActivities at Code Plex.Specifically of interest to you is the Grant Permission on Item activity.Once an item's status is closed, I want to make it read-only so that noone can edit the item or create another workflow instance for that item. There are item-level permissions that can be set, so you can override list-level permissions on an item-by-item basis.Adding this functionality into your existing workflow probably makes the most sense, but of course there is nothing out-of-the-box that Share Point provides you.I have a list (assume an issues list) and there is a workflow associated with it.The workflow can adjust the status column of the item to "Closed".

Field Updating – This occurs when a field is being updated in a list.They are used to perform some custom action before an event occurs.In this case, there is a flexibility of cancelling the event on some conditions so that the event that gets initiated will not occur.Break Role Inheritance(false); SPRole Definition role = web. Then use Java Script to add/remove that class based on the CT, so that the read-only view is only visible for the custom CT, while the edit wp is visible for all others.Or use a custom Info Path form to switch to read-only view based on status...Personally, I like the first option better as it fits in with Share Point's security philosophy of not letting the user attempt what they do not have permissions to do. Add a read-only view of the item data to your Edit Form.aspx, and in Designer add class "hidden" to your read-only view.