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Britney spears dating manager dating for divorcees uk

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But summer came and has nearly gone, and Britney hasn’t walked down the aisle.

Us Weekly landed a scoop that Britney was getting cold feet, that she no longer thought of Trawick as husband material.

The Finalized Divorce: When Lynne told Britney that her divorce from Jamie was finalized, Britney wasn't handling it too well despite knowing it was "a long time coming". "I don't want this to push you into one of your funks," Lynne told her daughter.

If that's really how it went down, we're sure she regrets it.

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Only a few minutes later did JT arrive to share their first kiss 5.

Every scene he was in was cringeworthy and shocking.

The company will specialize in promoting artists who have a digital reach.

The Moment She Shaved Her Head: Needs no commentary or explanation.13.

Sam Lutfi: Britney's manager during Larry's absence didn't get portrayed in the best light, and basically acted like a kidnapper trying to control her every move in order to take advantage of her.