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Subjects covered include the onus of proof, corroboration and the assessment of evidence.

Bravo online dating show

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includes lots of adult conversations about dating and women, some of which can be sexist and crude.

There are lots of references to having sex, as well as some strong language ("hell," "crap," "ass," with curses bleeped).

"Rich people who can't handle their alcohol," your Uber driver will tell you when you dare mention the show as he navigates the streets of the city.

But turn to the group of college co-eds at Beech, a local eatery on King Street, and they tell you that prospective students will ask where they can see the cast while giving college tours and that one of their friends recently took a photo with "T-Rav" at the bar.

If we've had conflicts over the years, that is the primary nature of those conflicts."Eventually, Whitney had a change of heart, also bringing his mother, Patricia Altschul, who quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to her colorful caftans, five o'clock martinis and hosting skills, on as well. I'm happy to show up and make a couple of smart-ass comments, be snarky," Whitney said.

But many viewers don't know he was actually the creative force behind , bringing it to Bravo after partnering with Haymaker Productions.

What would follow—three spinoffs (and counting), two children and one failed political campaign—no one could've predicted. THE ORIGINIt all began when Whitney was told he had to meet Thomas Ravenel, who would visit his mother, Patricia Altschul, around the holidays.

"You get a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties and they come down here," he said.

"The weekends it can get pretty bad."All fans of the show know Whitney as the alt-rock Southern gent who splits his time between his home in Los Angeles and his mother's Charleston estate.