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By doing this you will not only both be interested, but it is a way to be thoughtful and maybe share what you feel passionate about with your partner. Taking the time out of your busy lives for a regular date night will keep you connected and preserve the intimacy and spark that brought you together in the first place.Here's to many more evenings out for you and for Bey and Jay!Beyonce and Jay-Z recently enjoyed a cute date night, publicized on Queen Bey's Instagram.After the birth of their two newest additions to the family, it's a great sign that the couple has a chance to step out on the town alone.The question becomes, how can you find that crucial time alone which will then keep you going when life gets so busy?Everybody knows that dating was the way you got to know each other in the first place.

People often believe that because they spend a large quantity of time together since they live in the same house, that it translates into quality time, which is not true.The most important thing here is to fashion it to fit your schedule so that you really can relax and let go while you are on your date.The third step is establishing a method for planning the dates, rather than leaving it open and thinking the other person is going to handle it.You can choose anytime, from a weekend night to a weekday night, from Sunday brunch to Tuesday lunch.Also keep in mind that you do not have to have a weekly date – maybe every other week or even once a month works better.Date night is incredibly important in long-term relationships and marriages, and the added element of children makes it all the more crucial.