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As I said this belongs to the older v1.2 model, which I think came out in like 2009.
You've decided what kind of an antique quilt you want to reproduce and now you need to pick out some fabric.

Best friends dating stories

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I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I think you already know this. You feel this man could be the love of your life, and you’ve chosen to begin a relationship with him.

Most of us have beliefs about ourselves and how we would react in hypothetical situations.Well, me and this guy started sleeping together about two weeks ago and we're crazy about each other. My feeling is that she would be very hurt, but at the same time I don't want to pass up a chance to be with someone who could turn out to be the love of my life, you know?So a part of me wants to tell her in the hopes that she would be happy for me, but when I put myself in her shoes hearing this news, I think I'd be devastated.There will be no shortage of people with opinions and judgment.She, or others, may try to make you feel guilty or ashamed of what has happened. Is it unfortunate that you have fallen for your friend’s ex? Would it have been better to talk with her before things got to this point? However, all you can do now is own your choices and move forward with honesty and integrity.You can spend time and mental energy finding all kinds of justifications for your choices, but that’s not going to be helpful, ultimately.