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Barnes then got chained in the contract for the cast of the Narnia film industry for two Narnia films performing the leading roles where he was raised himself with the great achievements Ben had even performed the character of John Whittaker in the movie named easy virtue.He had also made an agreement to play the part of Dorian Gray in Dorian Gray, which was the newest version of the novel of Oscar Wilde.The talented and the very good-looking actor Benjamin Thomas has played the great movies owning the great success in every step he had taken in the field of acting with the several facing of ups and downs also, he never turned back.He has a height of 6' 1" (1.85 m) and his nickname is B-Squared. Within the short period of time and during his youthful age he has been able to pick the best accomplishment and fame in his life.He had his studies completed at the University of Kingston where he studied the Drama and the English literature.Even he was a part of the national youth music theatre.He was also in the short remained band of the boys named Hydride and his band presented their song named, leading me on for the contest of for Eurovision in the year in 2004.His parents inclined him to join to university first earlier than directing off to turn out to be a serious actor and follow the profession of acting. He has a younger sibling and his only brother named Jack.

The concept is still not very clear ,but support crazy theories just for spirit of contradiction is a total closed attitude..and for all: assuming BB's straightness is not offensive, even if this is a gay site , I'm sorry if someone felt offended, I'm entitled to express my opinion IDK about that Thigpen guy. He does photo himself in loving embraces with a woman. We have over 1,800 posts on the DL discussing BB's sexuality from every angle. I do suspect it lends credence to him being straight because women are less likely to blab about it all over. Speaking of statistics, Ben hit 200k IG followers yesterday? The juxtaposition of how glum and vacant Bree looks while standing next to this Italian hottie compared to how Ben looks is comical. Anyway, thinking ahead to the silly Punisher show -- I haven't watched any of the other Marvel series; do they have much nudity? There's been a lot of talk lately about spin-off series, possibly a prequel, among other ideas.

Do you realize they know each other since 2013 cause The Big Wedding?? If they had wanted they could have all the time for a romantic relationship...please....besides she gave birth recently and seems so happy and in love with her husband... ) of that Nina Agdal who's apparently the last Leo DC's baby -girlfriend ...

I hope he won't join those empty, self-centered LA people I don't want to hear about closed minds from anyone who won't accept the possibility of Ben's gayness or bisexuality in the face of all this evidence.

He could be bil or not out to his family yet so putting up seemingly straight pics with a girlfriend to cover him.[quote][R33] [R34] Are you from medieval era or what? This is (mildly) interesting: Ben's 'Punisher' stunt double, Jefferson (the guy whose wife is in Hamilton), is out in LA shooting something and Ben paid a visit. I suppose she asked for his complete measurements so she could sew herself a life-sized BB body pillow. Any chance Netflix will offer us more Ben Barnes' Bits than HBO did? If this happens I would LOVE to see Ben as Rhaegar Targaryen (son of the Mad King, brother of Viserys & Dany, father of you know who.) He'd be beyond perfect!

Do you know there is a thing called disinterested friendship? These posters act like they have never met an open-minded person. It's hilarious reading these theories about how this guy is in the closet because...went on a dinner date with a married woman! He tagged Ben originally, but now Jefferson's account has gone private. I also wonder if it was the costume director from 'Westworld,' who was pretty active on IG and then dropped off (and seemed like a very cool woman), or someone from an earlier film? I can't think of any other project I'd rather see him cast in right now apart from a gay James Bond reboot, but THAT will never happen. He got pretty nude on Westworld, but only for short glimpses.