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To extend the walk and the date, grab a beer or two at the Atwater Brewery tap room, not far from where the path ends.

Being white and dating a black man

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Now that I am a mom of a black boy, this conversation about black men dating white women has once again fallen into my lap.

Although my son is only 6 years old and light years away from dating anyone, I know that I will one day have to talk to him about dating and race.

I will warn him that when it comes time to have children, they might be teased for being biracial.

Most of all, I will warn him that there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with being with a black man in this country, and most of the time, love might not be enough to keep a couple together.62 years ago, a 14-year-old black boy walked into a store on a dare.

I lived that feeling as the token black girl in my West Texas hometown’s elite circles. I am a woman who grew up with a “Love is Colorblind” figurine in her room, for goodness sake!

The fear of feeling that way within a relationship also blinded me to possibility. When it comes to life experiences and interests, I likely have more in common with white men than black.

A few weeks later, the boy, Emmett Till, was beaten beyond recognition and died three days later.

His response is something along the lines of: I get that.

He was full of charisma and laughter, and he lost his life for it.

And while we are far removed from the Jim Crow South, we aren’t far removed from the institutionalized racism on which this country was built.

While I am not opposed to him dating anyone who makes him happy, regardless of race, I will warn him that because he is a black man in America, there are real risks associated with him dating white women.

I will warn him that if he and his white girlfriend happen to get into a fight in view of the neighbors, there's a chance that the cops may be called, because in the eyes of the police, being an unarmed black man is reason enough to shoot someone.