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Following a return to life outside of prison and then sadly back on heroin, Barry contacted the local methadone clinic.

Very importantly, he had become ready for real change.

He has begun to taper down on his methadone dosage with a goal of becoming medication free within 12 to 18 months. He spent all of his twenties physically dependent on opiates.

He came from a family that had many problems of their own, and consequently he had practically no one in life to fall back on for support or guidance.

And the role of mother was something Sharon embraced with all her heart. She now comes to the clinic only once every few weeks to receive her medication. Sharon now has her own family as well as the support of her family of origin.

She's been drug free for 5 years and has achieved a quality of life she never dreamed was possible.

is that opioid dependent persons are everyday people, and not someone lying in a back alley, unconscious, with a needle hanging out of their arm.

Without the proper help & support, many intelligent & capable people will remain lost in their addiction … As they struggle with physical sickness, emotional exhaustion, and mounting stress, their lives can literally fall apart. Realizing that she needed to get herself together, at least for the welfare of her unborn child, she entered a methadone treatment program.

After fathering a daughter with special needs, Steven faced the music … He had heard about methadone and decided he should give it a chance since everything else he had tried did not work. Methadone provided excellent relief, and enabled Steven to disconnect from the drugs that had been a part of his life for over a decade.

Today, he is full time employed and primary caregiver for a child that enjoys a dedicated, loving, and stable father.

Amazingly, she was full time employed in a demanding job position.

How she held down this job for so long was amazing in itself. Her depression lifted, and her mental clarity so much improved that it was like meeting a new person.