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Backdating executive

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J.-based corporate governance, compliance and record-keeping consulting firm."You should establish a system such that, upon approval by the compensation committee, the information as approved should then go right into the hands of the outside auditors, or at least under the supervision of the outside auditors, to the financial-services firm that manages the stock-options account," says Wolf."Then, it's out of the hands of those who may be tempted [to alter documents] after the options have been granted."That, in effect, will protect the HR practitioners because they've done their job -- "They're really just the [party] moving information from Point A to Point B.Reyes, the founder and CEO of San Jose, Calif.-based Brocade Communications Systems Inc., a maker of storage-area network switches, and Stephanie Jensen, the company's former vice president of human resources, have pleaded not guilty to fraud charges filed by the U. Further, Reyes and Jensen are accused of backdating job-offer letters so certain employees, whose option grants were based upon the date they received a job offer, would wind up with more valuable options than would otherwise have been the case.

Meanwhile, the scope of investigations into the potential abuse of stock-options grants is expanding from the garden-variety undisclosed backdating, to "spring-loading" grants -- timing them to precede upcoming corporate "good news" presently known only to insiders to maximize their value.

When it comes to the complex and, at times, sensitive matter of stock-option grants for top executives, HR can ill afford to trust that everything will be just fine if they let others worry about the details.

With the mushrooming of federal probes into questionable options grants -- as well as a few high-profile allegations of direct HR involvement in fraudulent cases of options-grants backdating -- it's time to jump in with both feet.

In some cases, HR leaders have been alleged to be right in the thick of it.

Perhaps the most widely reported one involves Gary A.