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Inform a friend or family member of your plans and when and where you're going.
What do you think has become of the young and old men?

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My son is suffering from depression My mother is a narcisstic pia and has accused me of verbal elder abuse! My son could have jumped off a building instead of calling for help, My daughter could have been raped and wasn't only kissed against her will.And well, my mother could have made an official back from the results of the MRI on my neck and the herniated disks therin. Now thinking we'll trench first, since we have young help coming.My feeling is that rather than regret some of the traumatic and dreadful things that have happened in my life, it's better to use those things as a way of understanding others and helping them see a different point of view and develop coping mechanisms that are healthy.

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I was doted on and adored and spoiled by my adoptive parents but never knew the truth about my mother or that I was actually related biologically to my mother/grandmother. Didn't like what I saw and went about changing myself accordingly. Every time one takes control and move forward, it strengthens you and makes it easier next time...don't you think? I noticed him late one night on the patio, sort of eating some of the bird feed on the ground. ah teach, we had our annual Christmas craft sale here over the weekend - my daughter fell in love with a dulcimer hand made here on the island, had quite a chat with the gentleman, oh how I'd love to have bought it for herhandmade ones are works of art - when we get together with other players we always spend time enjoying the work in them, the types of woods used - mine was made here in WV and has 5 strings and uses slices of walnut in the sound holes (which is the signature of that particular craftsman)however, with the large practice system, it is hard to do.All my life I had a fear of people I loved leaving me and thought I was just crazy since I couldn't trace it to anything. our local practice used to insist to schedule to the doctor who was free, saying it was a group practice.they seem to have backed off on issues while they do affect me, are really other peoples issues. My daughter had been attacked not too long ago, and she decided not to press charges.They were all strays and I'm so glad I got to be their mom.mimi, I'm a lurker. My daughter #2 was estranged for 9 years--never knew what I did. My suggestion--listen a lot today, don't bring up any sore subjectts if you can avoid it, but if she wants to, don't cut her off. It seems like the less I talk with her the better things are...can do all the talking. If I deserved it, that would be one thing, but I honestly don't believe I did or do.We've been emailing for a few weeks now and she even asked my opinion about an issue with her boyfriend, so I'm hoping all will go well. My friends want to line up and smack my kids because they don't get it either.However, it will take time for my heart to heal.... I already have toys for the grandsons (that I'm dying to open and play with). His girlfriend just keeps him in a state of upheaval. Well, part of me says that's what you get when you start seeing a married woman when you are still married. There's a saying that goes "To hold a grudge or hate is like swallowing poison but expecting the other person to die." That's kind of my philosophy.