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Establishing a personal connection is very essential, since in many decisions, business or otherwise, individual relations precede other aspects involved in making decisions.You could talk about your children, what they are studying, and what kinds of sports they participate in.If you know how to play either Chess or Backgammon ask for an opportunity to play with them.Please do not discuss local politics since most people were brought up during the Soviet era and they feel uncomfortable talking about the “forbidden” subject of politics.Let the Azerbaijanis bring up the topic and set the tone of the discussion.

You can also talk about traditional Azerbaijani food and the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that grow in Azerbaijan.

Azeris laugh only if there is a real reason to laugh, smiling too widely for no apparent reason could create a "gap" between Azeris and Canadians.

Azeris are serious people, likely due to their history.

At the 2004 Olympics, Azerbaijan won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling.

You should not bring up the subject of politics yourself, because you never know whether a person is for or against the current government establishment.