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Once I was in I attempted to uninstall AVG during the middle of which the system crashed yet again.

After the subsequent reboot I was able to successfully complete the AVG uninstallation.

The initial boot took over 45 minutes and I was unable to open any applications, including Firefox.

(this was while the hard drive was thrashing endlessly).

I added 2GB of RAM (for a total of 3GB) and my computer is now running stable (about a week now without incident).

AVG is a bit of a resource hog though as sometimes just launching Firefox or a Word document takes several minutes (compared to a few seconds prior to installing AVG).

I have now reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled XP 32 (again) and am back up and running. This software was recommended by a well respected IT support engineer so I figured I'd give the free version a try before I sprung for the full-blown version. I would be willing to give AGV another shot but can't afford another five hours rebuilding my hard drive again.

This is quite uncommon, I would recommend to install with full installation file with new program version 9.0.716, direct link to exe file here: However I cannot guarantee that the computer wont crash again.

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I was able to reinstall Firefox and the remaining AVG program but the computer was running painfully slow.

I had only 1GB of RAM (I wanted to see if I could get the computer running before adding additional hardware) so I suspect I was very borderline on resources.

At any rate, the computer rebooted this time and all the AVG options were loaded, save for one.

Once AVG was uninstalled AVG my computer rebooted in four minutes and I am now able to open my applications without issue.

This process, from the time of initial system boot to the uninstall of AVG took over four hours.