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Marco Hajikypri was furious when the entrepreneurs rejected his health food business on the BBC2 show and said today: 'I didn't want their money anyway'.He told Peter Jones that he would regret his decision - and now he claims he was right and they are the fools.Any element of Aboriginal self-determination is to be eliminated and the Racial Discrimination Act overridden. Aboriginal children are to be stolen from their families once again. Welfare payments are to be halved and subject to tight authoritarian controls.Whites are to be given open slather to enter Aboriginal land.This story's right, this story's true I would not tell lies to you Like the promises they did not keep And how they fenced us in like sheep Said to us come take our hand Sent us off to mission land Taught us to read, to write and pray Then they took the children away Took the children away The children away Snatched from their mother's breast Said it was for the best Took them away The welfare and the policeman Said you've got to understand We'll give them what you can't give Teach them how to really live Teach them how to live they said Humiliated them instead Taught them that and taught them this And others taught them prejudice You took the children away The children away Breaking their mother's heart Tearing us all apart Took them away One dark day on Framlingham Came and didn't give a damn My mother cried go get their dad He came running fighting mad Mother's tears were falling down Dad shaped up he stood his ground He said you touch my kids and you fight me And they took us away from our family Took us away Snatched from our mother's breast Said this is for the best Took us away Told us what to do and say Told us all the white man's ways Then they split us up again And gave us gifts to ease the pain Sent us off to foster homes As we grew up we felt alone Cause we were acting white Yet feeling black One sweet day all the children came back The children came back The children came back Back where their hearts grow strong Back where they all belong The children came back Said the children came back The children came back Back where they understand Back to their mother's land The children came back Back to their mother Back to their father Back to their sister Back to their brother Back to their people Back to their land All the children came back The children came back The children came back Yes I came back © Archie Roach Reprinted with the author's permission Inquiry), is to be overwhelmed with rage and horror.Your mind reels before the record of cruelty and misery it records, the kind of reaction you feel when you read about the Holocaust or the killing fields of Cambodia.This pamphlet examines the evidence in the report and debunks the racist arguments used by today's government to deny full acknowledgement and reparation.It argues that the government's aim is to perpetuate the oppression of Indigenous people to the advantage of the Australian ruling class, especially in the mining and pastoral industries.

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Aboriginal communities are to be flooded with troops and cops and a vicious police state imposed.That in itself is enough reason to justify republishing this pamphlet today.The removal of Indigenous children from their families is one of the darkest chapters in the history of Australia.The Dragons said he had overvalued his company at £2million, but Marco says he has just turned down an offer of £90million for Professional Gains from Coventry-born multi-millionaire Jojar Singh Dhinsa.Marco, from Great Barr, Birmingham, hopes it will soon be a £1billion business.Chapter 2 - Answering the lies Chapter 3 - The socialist alternative Notes This pamphlet was first published in 1998.