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He recovered, held the stool with his hands, and got up all the while, eyes riveted inside my saree until he was UP beyond that point and once again, stood at my waist level.

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Now they're eighteen and still solving child crimes.

But when the Mystery Team is challenged to solve a murder, they see an opportunity to prove they're real detectives - and to save the world of sex, crime and swear words.

Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: They were kid detectives.Brandy approaches all of this as if it were a science project, with a combination of innocence and aggressiveness that results in multiple awkward situations.But this girl is no doormat; she's a doofus, but a smart one, and she handles all the hazing and humiliation with admirable aplomb. The script, while often amusing, doesn't condescend, and it even offers some genuine, if obvious, insight into high schoolers and the many problems and pressures they face.If you think she's hilarious no matter what she does, you'll like it. I cracked a smile a few times but there was no real comedy here. Really wished I could say something better, we did finish it to the end, but I kept checking to see how much time was left because it was just getting painful. Everyone was funny and brought life to their parts; the script wasn't super strong but production value and decent editing which gave it a quick pace elevated it to an enjoyable film. Half the items on the list, she doesn’t even know the meaning of, and she has to look them up or have them explained to her.