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This is a compilation of terms, abbreviations and acronyms usually found in Sikap Bundok reports and communications, particularly SMS communications.Many are borrowed or copied from military or airline usage. Acronyms derived from the first letters of the base words are usually in all-capitals. Whenever available, airline abbreviations are used (e.g.Gibson, and Randy Katz at the University of California, Berkeley in 1987.In their June 1988 paper "A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)", presented at the SIGMOD conference, they argued that the top performing mainframe disk drives of the time could be beaten on performance by an array of the inexpensive drives that had been developed for the growing personal computer market.

The term "RAID" was invented by David Patterson, Garth A.

Although failures would rise in proportion to the number of drives, by configuring for redundancy, the reliability of an array could far exceed that of any large single drive.

Many RAID levels employ an error protection scheme called "parity", a widely used method in information technology to provide fault tolerance in a given set of data.

Hamming-code parity is calculated across corresponding bits and stored on at least one parity drive.

RAID 3 consists of byte-level striping with dedicated parity.