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Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well.
Zudem ermöglicht er die automatische Belichtungsoptimierung und eine Beugungskorrektur.

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Chinese men are, on the whole, deferential and respectful.A more likely complaint is being ignored, as the Chinese will generally assume that any man accompanying a woman will be doing all the talking, ordering and paying.The generally relaxed approach to clothing applies equally when visiting temples, though in mosques men and women alike should cover their bodies above the wrists and ankles.As for beachwear, bikinis and briefs are in, but nudity has yet to become fashionable.Outside the company of urban sophisticates, it would not occur to people that there was anything disrespectful in delivering a powerful spit while in conversation with a stranger.Smoking, likewise, is almost universal among men, and any attempt to stop others from lighting up is met with incomprehension.Restaurant bills are not shared out between the guests; instead, people will go to great lengths to pay the whole amount themselves.Normally this honour will fall to the person perceived as the most senior, and as a foreigner dining with Chinese you should make some effort to stake your claim, though it is probable that someone else will grab the bill before you do.

If you don’t speak Chinese but have your name in Chinese printed on them, they also become useful when checking in to hotels that are reluctant to take foreigners, as the staff can then copy your name into the register.

Women on their own visiting remote temples or sights need to be on their guard – don’t assume that all monks and caretakers have impeccable morals.

Prostitution, though illegal, is everywhere in China.

Visitors who speak Chinese will encounter an endless series of delighted and amazed interlocutors wherever they go, invariably asking about their country of origin, their job and the reason they are in China.

If you’re invited to someone’s home, take along a gift – a bottle of spirits, some tea or an ornamental trinket are good choices (anything too utilitarian could be considered patronizing) – though your hosts won’t impolitely open this in front of you.