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The helium sodium compound has a fluorite-type structure and is only stable at pressures greater than 113 GPa (gigapascal).

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We spin and can’t find our way; our trails are swallowed into the uniformity of the canonical veneer slathered on the world.""But the body is the site where history carves its memory." "We cannot possibly avoid treating others as objects so long as we refer to our own selves, or anything, as essential.""We have all been to the same general school of our civilization.

I have longed to see more men who are attracted to, date, have sex with and/or are in relationships with trans women to come forward and speak the truth of those attractions, encounters, experiences and relationships.The author does a fantastic job deconstructing a subject previously unaddressed in modern day philosophical writings. A thorough exploration of sexual identity, a deep dive into Mc Clellan's personal life, and a massaged bit of Buddhist philosophy transport the reader to an incredibly liberating worldview, where all of what really matters is what is shared between lovers, societal norms be dammed.Nothing has changed the world of online dating more than dating apps, especially for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual singles.Other animals enjoy it just fine without words, and so should I."―Michael Osofsky Joseph Mc Clellan, Ph. While drawing on his background in these fields, his book Transam is deeply personal.D., is Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh, He has previously taught Western and Asian philosophies, as well as Gender Studies, at a number of U. Trans women have played a major role in Mc Clellan's adult life as friends and lovers.This book is a brave reminder to see that beauty in ourselves and each and every human being we encounter no matter how we or they appear.