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There’s a tremendously broad array of app-empowered accessories out there that have one thing in common: connecting apps to the outside world via a headphone socket.

I understand how, from Apple’s point of view, locking down its ecosystem even harder than it has been before, the company can make more money.

It might even make the argument that building a higher walled garden equals higher security and reliability for its customers.

In the process, the company has left behind the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and the troublemakers.

Smaller, independent companies don’t have that luxury.

Hell, it isn’t even just the small companies that have embraced the simplicity of having a single socket available on all smartphones out there.

The FDA-approved Kinsa’s smart thermometer measures your body temperature.

“I understand why Apple is doing this,” says Thermodo’s CEO and founder, Willi Wu, commenting about how a lack of headphone sockets is going to be problematic.

There are even fully functional oscilloscope and multimeter appcessories that plug into the headphone socket. Pluggy Lock uses the headphone socket to tether your phone semi-securely in place.

With Bevel, you can use your phone to make 3D scans of the real world. Weather Point claims to be the world’s smallest weather station. My LED adds a Blink(1)-like LED to your phone to enable new types of notifications.

What not a lot of people realize is that the headphone socket also supplies a tiny amount of power. ) headphones at the i Phone event Sennheiser debuts a bunch of new headphones at IFA Libratone anticipates the end of the headphone jack with noise-cancelling Lightning earbuds Bose's Quiet Comfort headphones go wireless without missing a beat Imagine for a fleeting moment that you are a third-party accessory manufacturer.

Not a lot, but the microphone that’s embedded into your innocuous-looking earbuds does need a bit of power, which can be harvested (pdf) to power, say, a microprocessor in an accessory. Are you going to apply for an Made For i OS (MFi) license and pay a royalty fee to Apple for every device you sell, and still need to develop a second version of your product for Android users?