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I do have a couple of fancy textboxes where I have the onchange event keep track of the number of charaters and updates the the builtin status bar with a # of ## thing.

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” may not be the first major theatrical release to be affected, either; at least three other films this summer have pushed back their release dates already, though their studios remain cagey about the reasons.

The current consensus is that Background Man is a prank by a gifted, highly-placed team of post-production professionals.

If they’re not some sort of Holy Fool marked from birth for sacrifice for the greater good of all around them, fore-doomed to grease entropy’s wheels with their happy, clueless hearts’ blood.


While you’re waiting for him you gotta sit through the crappiest movies on the planet!

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“BACKGROUND MAN” JUMPS FROM ‘NET TO…EVERYWHERE By Guillaume Lescroat, Moviegoers worldwide are still in an uproar over , Angelina Jolie’s latest blockbuster, being pulled from theatres after only four days in wide release due to “unspecified technical problems.” According to confidential studio sources, however, the real problem isn’t “unspecified” at all–this megabudget Hollywood flick has apparently become the Internet-spawned “Background Man” hoax’s latest victim.

For over a year now, urban legend has claimed that, with the aid of careful frame-by-frame searches, an unclothed Caucasian male (often said to be wearing a red necklace) can be spotted in the background of crowd scenes in various obscure films, usually partially concealed by distance, picture blur or the body-parts of other extras.