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Aquarius woman dating an aquarius man dating72 americansingles

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It's in their nature to be erratic and resist the hive mind and even the mind meld of the twosome Aquarius in love is staunchly independent, fun and full of surprises.

It's a truism that Aquarians like to be friends first. You could say they move from the outside in, and flee from any sign of being held in love's embrace.

Right from the start, you may notice they have short attention spans, following the shiniest thing in the room.

Did I mention they are loners, even in a relationship?

You might find that there are lots of times you are helping each other look for things, like car keys or wallets.

Sometimes this extends into your sense of direction; many Aquarians have trouble with road maps, signs and so on.

Both are Air Elements - Two Air elements together is definitely a "meeting of the minds." This is likely to be a relationship based on a combination of fun and innovative, spontaneous ideas.

Both are Fixed Qualities - Fixed signs are stubborn, and in Aquarius, the stubbornness is hidden within the unconventional ideas and behaviors they exhibit.