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Esto deja que se pueda establecer un perfil definido y el sistema pueda identificar las compatibilidades entre usuarios, y de este modo poder efectuar una recomendación eficaz.

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Upon death, the Avatar Spirit causes the Avatar to reincarnate into the next nation, dictated by the cyclic order: fire, air, water, and earth.

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Upon mastering control of the Avatar State, after having learned to bend the four elements, an Avatar is referred to as "fully realized".

The Avatar used that connection to the Spirit World to be the bridge between the two worlds in order to keep peace between them and ensure harmony.

After the Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG, however, Avatar Korra left the spirit portals open and renounced her role as the bridge between the two worlds to let humans and spirits live together in harmony.

The reincarnation cycle can only be broken if the Avatar is killed while in the Avatar State, Raava is removed from the Avatar and destroyed, or the Avatar Spirit is compromised by a spiritual infection.

As part spirit, the Avatar possesses an innate connection to the Spirit World and is at their strongest in that realm, due to being surrounded by spiritual energy.