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I struggled against depression and desperation and barely managed to produce columns, much less keep up with my day job or my book.

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At the sentencing hearing on Friday, the defense called a Dr.

“Because you don’t do that with a student.”“Children must grow free, and never be abused,” said parent Nicholas Torres. "A teacher who is convicted of sexually assaulting a student in one county can get probation while in another jurisdiction they get five or six years,” said Abbott.

The prosecution called the whole thing “incredibly disturbing." They wanted a 30-year sentence. Alexandria Vera, middle school teacher impregnated by 8th grade student just arrived at court. He says it's because Texas has no minimum sentence. former Elsik High teacher Jeffrey Guzman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for an inappropriate relationship with a student, but in a separate case, former Spring teacher Jessica Lynne Kelley got 2 years behind bars."Historically speaking females seem to be getting lenient treatment,” said Paul Morgan, an attorney.

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