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Most of their funds are derived through legal and illegal gambling that in many cases goes unchecked because of the perception that the funds are going to a “good cause”. Moose International(MI) refuses to give the local Membership ANY information on what they are doing and why.

Calls placed by the Lodge's own internal Audit Committee to MI have not been returned.

The business model in question, does not benefit the majority of the national membership.

In 2010, the organization changed their accounting practices, to shadow the heavy losses to organizational members.

The past two years have been the best that this lodge has run in that time.

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Their model totally rests on 2 entitlement programs that have accelerated losses taking place over the past several years.

It is very difficult to understand the financial position of this organization.

As membership fees have escalated to hold up these entitlements programs, operating income to the local lodges has decreased, forcing a high level of lodge closures.

This year Bright was approached by Waitrose to work on their 2015 Easter campaign.

They worked closely with the lovely and talented Laura Hughes to create a show-stopping range of cheerful Easter sweets, decorations and games.