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Toad, who is normally socially inept with girls, successfully picks up a flirtatious, and somewhat rebellious, girl named Debbie.

John inadvertently picks up Carol, an annoying 12-year-old who seems fond of him.

Distraught, Laurie grips Steve tightly and begs him not to leave her. At the airfield in the morning, Curt says goodbye to his parents, his sister Laurie, Steve, John and The Toad.

Steve and John leap out of their cars and rush to the wreck as a dazed Bob and Laurie stagger out of the car before it explodes.

An on-screen epilogue reveals that John is killed by a drunk driver in December 1964, Toad is reported missing in action near An Lộc in December 1965, Steve is an insurance agent in Modesto, California, and Curt is a writer living in Canada.

Lucas embraced the idea, using his early 1960s teenage experiences cruising in Modesto, California.

In one story line, Curt is desperate to find a beautiful blonde girl driving a white 1956 Ford Thunderbird that he sees en route to the dance: at a stoplight, she appears to say "I love you" before disappearing around the corner.

After leaving the hop, Curt is coerced by a group of greasers ("The Pharaohs") to participate in an initiation rite that involves hooking a chain to a police car and ripping out its back axle.