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It's so soothing and it brings me so much pleasure.

Someday I'll pull the trigger on a serious high dollar guitar. They have a dealer in Nashville (Guitar Gallery) and I plan to play one of their guitars during my next trip.

Most makes have a reputation for a certain type of sound - Taylors are considered Modern Voiced, with an emphasis on bright, ringy highs and prominent Mids.

I am pleased to say that I have played some truly world class guitars - prewar (WW2) Martins, classic old Gibsons, modern custom builds, etc.

I have a few old acoustics and have spent years seeking out opportunities to play old/rare/noteworthy acoustic guitars.

I am on the road for work, but lordy the geekiness I could provide.

The earlier models are more collectable because Yairi was more involved in making them.