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3) unmarried and not devout: of course she is completely lost: mixing with men in the day, going out and staying up all night.No one respectable will want her, so she’ll either marry a pimp or become a spinster.Certainly, it cannot be denied that the average age people are getting married at has dramatically risen.This can pose some problems, but don’t the benefits outweigh the problems though?Bachelors squander their money at coffeehouses or on debauched lifestyles.

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Marriage is necessary to pacify and discipline males who are naturally prone to crime, rebellion and aggression.If people are taking longer to get married, in most cases it’s because they have more things to do before they can afford to start a family.Urbanization has led to communities being driven apart, so much that nobody can now hope to rely on the support of their village community to raise their kids and feed their family.Back in the last century, the debate about the ‘marriage crisis’ was framed in terms of the increasing number of bachelors, now it is framed in terms of the increasing number of ‘spinsters’.I think that this is an indication of traditional (or conservative) societies unease with modernity which in the last century manifested itself in young educated men with stable jobs and careers and now in young educated women with independent incomes and careers.We can summarize this corruption as comprising unemployment, the collapse of morals, wretched poverty and lack of skills, and enormous class divides.