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He would call the restaurant and see how many people were there and we would wait for the last people to eat then we would go eat.
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"I had such a great time at 25 and 24 years old being on that show…I really learned a lot about myself as a young man and learned a lot about myself as an actor -- from the quick pace, the chop-chop-chop and all that.Of course, that means that Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano will be at the Emmys together.

(They've only scored a single nomination — and win — ever, and it was for non-prosthetic makeup.) But it doesn't mean we aren't disappointed by the lack of Fortunately, it seems as though the universe has heard our prayers and given us the lovely consolation prize of a Rory and Jess reunion. After Netflix confirmed that they would be reviving the fan favorite WB/CW series, our Gilmore-loving hearts skipped a beat when it was confirmed that all three of Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) main love interests -- including Milo Ventimiglia's Jess -- would be returning to the quirky Connecticut-set series.The 38-year-old actor immediately revealed that he had absolutely no hesitation about stepping back into the mindset of Jess Mariano, Luke Dane's (Scott Patterson) book-loving, troublemaking, leather jacket-wearing nephew."From Patterson to Alexis to Lauren [Graham] -- you get to be on set with your pals." "We laughed, we cried, we had all kinds of fun over years on set," he continued."So to stand shoulder to shoulder again, those are the rare opportunities where you get to really appreciate the camaraderie of being on a set." When we last saw Jess towards the end of Gilmore Girls' sixth season, he had moved to Philadelphia, where he had written a novel and was helping run a small publishing house.So for me, of course I was going to go back." Ventimiglia revealed that stepping back into the iconic TV town was like revisiting your "old elementary school" as an adult.