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Albanian people are particularly vulnerable to trafficking because of their country's past and its location.After Communism fell, economic hardship left many people desperate. You don't recognize them in the back kitchens, shops, gas stations and in hospitality. Traffickers buy, sell and otherwise exploit people. It also includes adults forced to work long hours under appalling conditions without pay, or children forced to beg on the streets instead of attending school. According to the United Nations, human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. Those most vulnerable to trafficking include women and children, poor and socially marginalized people, economic migrants, refugees, and victims of domestic violence and other abuse.As Gjergj lay mortally ill with cancer, Katrina’s weak heart gave out and Hana felt that she had no choice but to abandon her studies to care for her uncle. Instead of marrying a man she did not love, she embraced the only freedom available to her, as Mark.Now, transplanted to post-9/11 America, she must learn to become Hana again.

She can never marry and must remain celibate all her life.

The precision with which her narrative explores its themes of identity, exile and belonging is a vindication of the PEN Writers in Translation Programme, which supported the publication of this tender, funny and arrestingly original novel.

Jane Shilling is a book critic for the Telegraph and the author of two books: The Fox in the Cupboard and The Stranger in the Mirror, a memoir of middle age, published in 2011.

And as Patrick O’Connor predicted, she needs to call his number.

In so far as Albanian fiction is at all familiar to a western audience, it is probably from the remarkable writing of Ismail Kadare, who provides an introduction to Elvira Dones’s novel.