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It is not legal advice, neither expressed nor implied.You should consult with legal counsel before acting on the information found on this page or for any employment law matter.Georgia employers who meet the legal requirement for E-Verify must participate in both. Remember that, if you hold or are seeking a public contract, you may be required to enroll regardless of how many full-time employees you have.For the purposes of E-Verify, an “employee” is only those individuals (i) “whose work is performed under the direction and supervision of the employer and whose employer withholds FICA, federal income tax, or state income tax from such individual’s compensation or whose employer issues to such individual for purposes of documenting compensation a form I. The answer to this question hinges on the Georgia law’s definition of a “full-time employee” which, for the purpose of E-Verify, does not distinguish between in-state and out-of-state workers. §13-10-91(b), submit a copy of their state issued driver’s license or identification card.

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In this case, instead of the affidavit, they must provide you with their driver’s license (and a driver’s license is only acceptable IF it is issued by a state that verifies lawful immigration status prior to issuance).

Agency Records Management Officer maintains official agency file of records retention schedules approved by the State Records Committee.

Agency records may not be removed from offices except as provided by the Georgia Records Act.

Under the business license provisions, private employers with more than ten employees are required to provide an affidavit (this is a different affidavit from affidavit referred to above) to the city or county stating that they use E-Verify. Professional Services are limited to those services defined by statute as a “profession” or “professional service.” For example, the following services are statutorily defined as “professions” or “professional services””: certified public accountancy, actuarial services, architecture, landscape architecture, registered interior designers, licensed or accredited appraisers or licensed or accredited financial analysts providing opinions of value, licensed structural pest controllers, chiropractic, dentistry, professional engineering, podiatry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, registered professional nursing, harbor piloting, land surveying, law, psychology, medicine and surgery, optometry, and osteopathy.

Private employers with fewer than eleven employees submit a separate affidavit stating that they are exempt from E-Verify. To be exempt, the professional must be the one to perform the service.