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The government did not support any specialized anti-trafficking training for government officials during the reporting period, although new recruits in the Ghana Immigration Service and the GPS received training on trafficking-related topics as part of their basic introductory training.

Although government officials have cited the need for parliamentary approval of a “legislative instrument”—akin to implementing regulations—to apply the 2005 Human Trafficking Act more effectively, the draft instrument remained under review after more than three years.

During the reporting period, the failure to provide operating budgets for law enforcement and protection agencies hampered the government’s anti-trafficking efforts.

Although the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) continued law enforcement efforts focused primarily on cross-border trafficking cases, it once again relied heavily on foreign donors and NGOs to support these efforts and significantly fewer victims were identified.

The Attorney General’s Department prosecutors did not report prosecuting trafficking cases; the AHTU and the GPS prosecutors were responsible for the vast majority of the human trafficking investigations, prosecutions, and convictions, but the AHTU did not receive an operating budget during the reporting period and relied on funding and support from international and local donors for operations.

In a positive step, the government reconvened the Human Trafficking Management Board (HTMB).

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GHANA: Continue to investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses—including internal labor and sex trafficking—and convict and punish trafficking offenders; designate an attorney general’s prosecutor in each region to lead the prosecution of human trafficking cases; provide the police’s AHTU adequate resources to conduct law enforcement efforts; train law enforcement, child labor inspectors, and social welfare personnel to proactively identify trafficking victims among vulnerable populations—such as women in prostitution, migrant workers, and children working in agriculture, mining, fishing, and portering—and refer them to protective services; provide trafficking-specific training to prosecutors and other judicial personnel; adopt the legislative instrument and fully implement the 2005 Human Trafficking Act; provide sufficient government funding for protective services to victims, including to the human trafficking fund; ensure the maintenance of government-operated shelters and training of staff in victim care; improve data collection and reporting on victims identified and assisted; take appropriate measures to regulate the activity of licensed and unlicensed recruitment agencies and investigate agencies suspected of participating in human trafficking of Ghanaian migrant workers; and provide adequate resources for the HTMB to finalize and implement the national plan of action against trafficking.

Ghanaian boys and girls are subjected to forced labor within the country in fishing, domestic service, street hawking, begging, portering, artisanal gold mining, quarrying, herding, and agriculture.

Ghanaian girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are subjected to prostitution within Ghana.