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If I open it up to get their email address to try to block them, what happens then?

I need all the help that I can get because this is too much to take care of daily.

Whether it's a company who insists on spamming you with countless newletters, or an ex that you'd rather not hear from, Gmail now makes it easier to block unwanted emails.

The tool (pictured) is available on the web version of the site from today, and will begin rolling out to the Android app 'over the next week' Gmail's Block option complements its unsubscribe tool (pictured) which makes it easier to remove your email address from mailing lists in one click.

Through our survey, we found that 96% of people sign up for online accounts with their real, primary email account.

Of this same group, we found that on average users create 3.61 “junk email accounts” used to catch spam. Fake email addresses let you: receive a free email address (and associated inbox) for a limited amount of time [most helpful when clicking a link for verification/confirmation purposes], thus allowing you to click the verification/confirmation link to gain access to the applicable website and you never have to return or log in to the disposable email address again.

Unsubscribe has been available on the web version of Gmail since last year but is now similarly being made available across Android devices To block emails on the web version, open the email and click the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.

From this menu, users can delete, block, report as spam or a phishing scam or translate (pictured)Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

Make sure you click the option that completely removes you and doesn’t just limit emails.It’s also bad, since anyone who knows your email address can send you junk trying to sell you stuff or fool you into handing over your private information when you shouldn’t. In fact, I’d guess that your 300 spams a day are probably from close to 300 different email addresses.On the surface email blocking or banning seems like the perfect solution, but if you look deeper spammers can work around it almost instantly. And those are 300 email addresses than the 300 spams you got yesterday, and the day before and the day before that. They can fake spam to look like it comes from your friends and acquaintances, for example.I do delete my history daily, but I don’t think that helps in blocking them.I use Yahoo as my mail provider and am on Windows 7. Some email programs and services automatically filter spam based on common key words, the number of people the message is being sent to, or the sender’s reputation. Unfortunately, email that people don’t want runs the risk of being marked as spam.The bottom line is that anyone can send you email, period.