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your employer) you are representing to us that you are an authorized representative of that third party and that your access, use and/or registration of or on the Site and Services on their behalf constitutes their acceptance of this Agreement. corporations, government agencies, universities) who register for an account on the Site and/or Services (“Entity Members”) are responsible for use of their account by their employees, agents and other representatives (“Representatives”) who use such account and/or who register for accounts attached, related or linked to the account of such entity.Representatives of Entity Members may be permitted to directly use the account of an Entity Member by such means as the Entity Member giving the Representative a username and password for the account and/or giving the Representative an activation code issued to such Entity Member by IAA for the purpose of allowing its Representatives to create individual accounts linked to the account of such Entity Member.TERMS OF USE LAST UPDATED: July 21, 2017 Please read this Terms of Use agreement (the “Agreement”) carefully as it applies to your use of online services and digital products of the International Academy of Aesthetics (“IAA” or “we” or “us”), including but not limited to the IAA website located at https:// all subdomains thereof (the “Site”), mobile applications offered by IAA and all features, content and products and services thereof, including but not limited to RSS, API, software and other downloads (collectively, the “Services”).Your use of the Site and Services is governed by this Agreement regardless of how you access the Site or Services, including but not limited to, through the Internet, Wireless Access Protocol (commonly referred to as “WAP”), a mobile network or otherwise.

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Any changes to this Agreement shall not apply to any dispute between you and IAA arising prior to the date on which IAA posted the revised version of this Agreement incorporating such changes or otherwise notified you of such changes. We reserve the right, at any time and from time to time, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, to: modify or discontinue the Site or Services, with or without notice; charge fees in connection with the use of the Site or Services; modify or waive any fees charged in connection with the Site or Services; or offer opportunities to some or all users of the Site or Services.Hardware, software and other technological requirements suggested for optimal use of the Site and Services may be posted within the Site and/or Services, but IAA makes no representation, warranty or guarantee that you will be able to use the Site and Services even if you satisfy such requirements. The Site and Services primarily provide users with access to certain content and services related to continuing medical education courses, seminars and related educational resources (“Programs”), which may include, without limitation: (a) live streaming media (e.g., webcasts and groupcasts) and on-demand streaming media; (b) downloadable audio and video courses; (c) downloadable presentation materials; (d) downloadable publications; (e) blogs; and (f) transcripts (such content and services also part of the “Services”).Such Programs are designed and provided by third party independent contractors that we call “Educators”. Instead, Educators are users that have become Members of IAA and who undergo a further application and acceptance process to become eligible as Educators.In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and any Additional Terms, the Additional Terms shall prevail with respect to the specific portion of the Site and/or Service with respect to which such Additional Terms apply. 4 User Qualifications The Site and Services are designed for adults 18 years of age or older.Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Site or Services.3 Application & Scope of this Agreement; Additional Terms.