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Forester iiutoliff also discussed this conferenee wit^ Forester Janes and Chief Park Ranger Coffin at Grand Canyon. Conceseions; Superintendent of Canyon de Chelly reports the Inscallation •f the L. Gas system and the remodeling of Building #20^ Thunderblrd Ranch Concession, is now completed. As soon as the x*ush is over and the danger of getting shot is less we will go out and remove the stakes inside the boundary* MAINTENANCE : It was necessary to enlarge the drainage field of the sewer system at Qtrs..

Ihe system was inspected last fall by tiiouthwesl am i Jational Monujnonts Headquarters* Supervisor of Maintenance and Momuaent Superintendent Aubuohon. jj= 20 and 150 feet of 4 inch perforated fibre pipe was laid in gravel© The purchase of a new hotwater heater for Qtrs» --jf 20 was authorized to replace the old tank transferred from Casa Grande, which we suspect is full of lime and had only one element* In checking our iivater pump v;^e found that it v/as only produc- ing one gallon per minute instead of the normal seven gallons* '. Grooms Utility Engineers, Salt Lake City, checked it while dnwn here on other business in and found that there v«.s a decided v/ear on the shaft and seat allowing, -^of the vater to return to the wello This condition can and will be corrected by installing a ne H/ shaft assembly.

It was also presented to the Rotary Clubs in Cldbe and Miaal.

Several stwwings are scheduled for the aonth of February. Cook will rsove froa Kontesuma Cti^stle to v^atkl^ replacing Superintendont Forrest M.

Ha alao chaokad savarol bibliographiaa on varioua ooutiniastam drainftga areas for tha Dar^^ ^nt of Anthropology, Univaraity of Oklahoeta.

This was a group of 25 Pima Indian children frcm Picacho, Arizona, Several Park Service people paid short visits: Supt. John Lewis from Saguaro, Aroheologist Wells from Tonto, end Dale King and Harold Ratcliff from Globe.

Administration Personnel : Archeologist Abel returned to duty fron sick leave on January first.

In mply refer tot February 7$ 1956 MMBorandu B Tot Dlrootor Promt General Superintendent Subject: Monthly Narrative Ret^ort - January 1956 **" General irfeather Conditiona t January waa an unusually mild nonth^ with warm svmsay days, &nd little preeipitaticoyenj Dr* Carl P.^ ftussell; Mr* and Kra, I^n^lon Hiirgrave. out 30 (Hy aidbers and guests at a Kational federation of Federal Hsq;x Lagrees Meeting held in the Council Hall at Gila Pueblo.

Russell visited the he^ quarters office in January and spent considerable tine with the interpretive staff and with Mr. Husse Xl for a discussion on the ground of inteirpretive problerae in that area* I attended the structural Fire Control Training School at Chiricahua. Kent of the Silver Spur Ranch and ilrs* Lillian Rigge about purchase of laixis which they own within the iixsnument. H' I also visited Tum&eacorl and Coronado before returning to the office.