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With the help of local producer and engineer Glenn Matullo, Mayer recorded the independent EP Inside Wants Out.

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After the male mates with the first female, he may mate again with several others.

Eventually, those that are successful will have fine-tuned their interactions with the environment and live to produce yet another generation of will start the nesting process over again.

If she returned from the wintering grounds early enough and linked up quickly with a male, she probably has no problem pulling off a re-nesting attempt, but if she got a late start on her first nest she may not have time to try again--especially in the northern United States and southern Canada where the nesting season is especially short. S., however, females have plenty of time for re-nesting; in fact, if an early-nesting female is successful with her first attempt she may even have time to double-brood (pull off a second brood) during one nesting season, and there's a possibility is a registered trademark of Bill Hilton Jr.

It is suspected the male with whom she mated allows her passage into his feeding territory, so she does not have to search far for food and her time off the nest is minimal.

In does leave the nest to forage, she collects nectar, pollen, and tiny insects in her crop and returns to the nest, where she regurgitates the energy-rich slurry into the mouths of the nestlings.