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Maybe once: when I was eleven…it was the same thing everywhere: ‘you look great, but you could lose some kilos…’ I’m very happy with my body, and if they don’t think I’m good enough then that’s a pity.”“Nowadays you hear about ten—and eight year olds looking after their diet.
C-14 is produced in the upper atmosphere when nitrogen-14 (N-14) is altered through the effects of cosmic radiation bombardment (a proton is displaced by a neutron effectively changing the nitrogen atom into a carbon isotope).

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I see Aspergers as a blessing and a gift that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I love that I'm a Aspie and glad to finally have been diagnosed (at age 53).

He makes me laugh, teaches me so many things (ridiculously intelligent) and is always there for me, when I need help (very kind) He's the best guy to hang out with (witty & cool) I wish life was easier for him, and that he could see himself through my eyes, and know how utterly incredible he is. I no I done my self proud but only my kids seen that. Having an Aspie in your life may be positive IF they aren’t your spouse or child. It does always seem to be the negatives people focus on in life in general. Her teachers all brag on her and tell me what an amazing influence she is on the other kids because she actively participates and shows a true joy of learning.

To say that ALL Aspies have ALL these traits is just plain stereotyping.

Indeed, there are certain features of Asperger’s that people with the disorder can use to their advantage.

On one hand I have frequent nightmares and can get overwhelmed by too much perception coming in all at once. I just wish he could apply that single-minded focus to cleaning the house. My partner displays only 1 out of 10 of your positive traits but displays all of the stereotypical negative traits.• Anonymous said… I've read some really awful things about how people treat their Aspie partners. People on the outside are quick to notice what is perceived as a difficulty. Similar for me - once I realised I didn't have to follow the social norms with my partner, I found I liked being free of them myself! This is similar to what I said recently, if I had the choice I would choose to be an aspie every time• Anonymous said… Um, I’m 24 years in, 5 children and yes, some of that has been really hard. There's many wonderful things i can and do say in regard to my friend but nothing positive comes to mind re the moments i understand as Aspergers..will stay tuned to this post in hope that there is something.

My partner has Asperger's and yes it can be frustrating at times as I'm sure I can be. My partner doesn't like being bought presents and I was originally offended but why should I or others try to impose their cultural values on him? We buy each othrr gifts when we want to, we never have to. This proud Aspie can understand my students because I've been therre! But, a definitive diagnosis a few years ago, the right type of counseling and I have come to see that my husbands traits both positive and negative have changed me for the better.