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Accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

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Intersection users in urban areas will experience delays and conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Older intersections in walkable urban areas need to be updated to conform to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) requirements, better serve bicyclists, improve transit operations, or to simply enhance the pedestrian environment.

Intersections may also serve as gateways and are frequently the first thing visitors see when they enter a neighborhood (Figure 10.3). Describes several fundamental aspects of intersection design, including managing multimodal conflicts, sight distance and layout; and 2.

It is often requested that the practitioner include aesthetic treatments in intersection design. Figure 10.2 Intersections have the unique characteristic of accommodating the almost-constant occurrence of conflicts between all modes. Provides general principles, considerations and design guidelines for key intersection components including curb return radii, channelized right turns, modern roundabouts, crosswalks, curb extensions, bicycle lanes and bus stops.

The designer should begin with an understanding of the community objectives and priorities related to design trade-offs such as vehicular capacity and level of service, large-vehicle turning requirements, conflicts, pedestrian and bicycle convenience, accessibility and the efficiency of public transit service.

Intersections are perhaps the most sensitive operational component of thoroughfare systems (Figure 10.2).