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“U-tec Products” refers to goods and services, including apps, produced by U-tec.

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TOS: “Terms of service.” Just about any online service, including social networks, has a Terms of Service that you must agree to in order to use it.Marketers will want to keep an eye out for any limitations on business activity and details about ownership, both of your content and your data.33.Your social media management tools use the APIs of Facebook, Twitter and the other networks to post and schedule.25.ESP: Your “email service provider” is the software used for sending emails.UGC: The term “user generated content” encompasses any written or visual material that the individuals using a platform create, from comments or blog posts, to photos or video clips.These may not come up frequently in your regular water-cooler chats, but it’s useful for anybody working in social to understand some of the most relevant technical abbreviations.But understanding shorthand isn’t just important for the messages you send. There are also a few regularly used acronyms that describe features on those networks.There are social media acronyms that you’ll find in business meetings, in marketing or sales reports, and from your IT team. If you’re on Twitter in particular, these are a must-know for improving your communications among team members and with your online audience. DM: A “Direct Message” is a one-on-one message sent on Twitter that is only visible to the two individuals exchanging them.7.

CTR: The “clickthrough rate” is a particular type of conversion rate where the action in question is clicking on a link.19.

To be the best at your job, you’ll need to know all of the most common abbreviations. MT: Sometimes when you’re resharing a Tweet, you’ll alter the text.

This list of acronyms can help you stay fresh with the latest lingo, online and off. That makes it a “Modified Tweet.” That may mean shortening it to fit within the character limit or removing the poster’s handle if they have a private account.8.

This can be an outside service used for email blasts to your audience or for powering your internal team communications.26.

HTML: You see these letters all the time, and they stand for “hyper text markup language.” It’s the coding language used to build all webpages.27.