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Most recently the timescale has been tuned or adjusted for Earth's orbital variations and climatic response as measured in marine sediment records.

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It’s enough to say that you expect people to behave professionally and exercise common sense.

And it’s perfectly acceptable to take people to task — or you know, fire them — for .

We have a great team and great working relationships.

They all do great work and we have established a great team culture.

Doing that during that work day when coworkers are around — regardless of whether or not you were clocked in — is wildly unprofessional, and gives me serious pause about your judgment and professionalism.” You also need to talk to your other team members, since you have reason to think that people are .

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You don’t need to be able to point to a specific rule in order to be able to say a particular behavior isn’t acceptable.

You’ll never be able to think of everything you need a rule for, and you definitely don’t want to work somewhere that attempts that.

Also, as you mentioned in your answer last week to the person who overheard their coworker involved in “adult activities,” these people are adults and old enough to make their own choices. That same day, after my team had left, I was wrapping up and putting a meeting agenda on each of their desks for our meeting the next day.

Out in broad daylight on the guys desk (one of the employees I had caught in the printing room) was a piece of paper at the top that said “Duck Club.” Underneath it, it had a list of locations of places in and around the office followed by “points.” 25 points – president’s desk, 10 points – car in the parking lot, 20 points – copier room, etc.