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Their disappointing showing stemmed from Kayne's hip surgery in July 2014, which forced her to miss the Grand Prix campaign that year.
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The last session I attend (on using your blog to educate) sends me back to work with a full-on fire in the belly – and even though I don’t really get the chance to do the rounds and say goodbye (thankfully, I do get the chance to give himself a quick hug and a “see you at home”) I feel okay. This could be anything, whether it was an item or an idea or even a mark on the skin in some cases.Walking through Camden, the watery and hesitant sunshine casting everything in an awesome glow, I feel okay. I am nothing if not a sucker for a listicle, so, here goes.Later on I’ll think of what she’s actually singing.And I’ll be reminded of moments I didn’t want to be reminded of.And right then, okay is fine by me because I’ve spent a long time not feeling okay. Considering the fact that I was juggling this year’s conference with my day job, which was luckily rather close by.

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She bolts towards me, and we hug exactly like that, like old friends meeting again. But it’s okay, because it’s one hell of a nice venue to get to know new faces in.Seriously, between my Hot Octopuss t-shirt, my shirt/notebook/mug and the gorgeous printed cards from Luke & Jack (plus, a shit tonne of awesome other stuff including BOOKS from Victoria Blisse’s book stall) … It was a fucking joy to reconnect with Rubyyy Jones and watch her work the room at the Saturday night social like a Boss with a capital B. I’m going to echo Girl on the Net’s point here, basically.The social also gave me a chance to finally chat with comedian and awesome friend Ros Ballinger, and a chance to marvel at just how much of a filthy beast Chris Coltrane is (clue – very, very much). I met and learned from so many lovely folks this weekend – Sarah Brynn Holliday, Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, Emmeline Peaches, Dr. I attended Jasmine and King’s session and let out several very audible gasps of horror as they eloquently laid out the level of racism in porn and what we as writers could help with doing about it. The list is way too long to put here, so I’ll save that for the more general round-up, but GOD YES I LOVE PEOPLE GIMME. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m off from work, and I’m tentatively playing around with words for a submission.This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?I’m basically fucked to begin with considering Sarah Brynn Holliday and Meg-John Barker are speaking in the same time slot so… Would probably be to speak a different language at native speaker level, but right now, I’m kind of thinking I’d like to be able to do pottery? There’s no point in me weighing my words or giving this post a funny little introduction. Those three words can’t, to me, be spun into something they’re not. Rest and sit with self in some weird form of peace.It was one of the pieces in the puzzle of me, the puzzle I laid out when this blog started, six years ago this week. Besides, I rather like the idea of just carrying on like always. Indulging my never-tiring curiosity is one of the ways I’ve been sitting with myself. So, when one popped up on my “What To Watch Next [hint: maybe lay off binge-watching The Nekci Menij Show for an hour or so, maybe, possibly]” list, I watched. Which made Lindsay’s mention of Beautiful Agony all the more timely – sat on the bed, wearing his shirt and nothing else, I clicked the thumbnail for one of the free sample videos. Lying back on cushions and a throw, lazily surrendering to pleasure. It was a couple of minutes later, and I was back on Twitter but still needing something. Whether from the early days or more recently, thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope you’re there with me.] Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what to say (other than h OLY FUCK EROTicon time ALREADY? So, in lieu of a proper intro for this meet and greet post, here’s Alaska Thunderfuck.