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For several reasons, the buyer or seller may decide that the contract is not to be recorded in the register of deeds. Experience chat rooms at their best with Chatrandom's unique way to meet tons of people online.Since the amount of the final payment is so large, the buyer may obtain a conventional mortgage loan from a bank to make the final payment.There can be other advantages of using a land contract too.When a third party lender, such as a financial institution, provides a loan, this third party has its own interests to protect against the other two parties involved, the seller and buyer.Establishing the correct title and value of the property to be used as collateral is important to the lender.Unlike roulette chat, you'll get to talk with hundreds of people simultaneously.

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Real property is the land and all the things that are attached to it.If you choose to not retain a real estate attorney, there are online companies that sell ready-made land contracts.Finally it is not uncommon for land contracts to go unrecorded.Thus, the lender commonly requires title service including title search and title insurance by an independent title company, appraisal and termite inspection of the property to ensure it has sufficient value, a land survey to ensure there are no encroachments, and use of lawyers to ensure the closing is done correctly.These third party lender requirements add to closing costs which the lender requires the seller and/or buyer to pay.In the usual, more conventional real estate contracts, a seller does not provide a loan to the buyer.