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The empress dowager's brother, General-in-Chief He Jin, plotted with Yuan Shao to eliminate the Ten Attendants (a group of influential eunuchs in the imperial court).

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This prompted Jian Shuo and other higher authorities to ostensibly promote Cao Cao to the post of governor of Dunqiu County while actually moving him out of the imperial capital.At that time, there was a man named Xu Shao who lived in Runan and was famous for his ability to evaluate a person's potentials and talents.Cao Cao paid him a visit in hopes of receiving an evaluation that would help him politically.The coalition fell apart after months of inactivity, and China fell into civil war while Dong Zhuo was killed in 192 by Lü Bu.Through short-term and regional-scale wars, Cao Cao continued to expand his power.He offended the local leading families in the process, and resigned on grounds of poor health around 187, fearing that he had put his family in danger.